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       The Blackprint

Vacant space, a blank canvas only to be designed by you

The world awaits the masterpiece that you’ll create

So take your time, and stroke the universe

No moulds were broken when you were created, you are the Blackprint

You will be mimicked by generations but never duplicated

Every cell, every molecule, meticulously stacked to create your indestructible DNA 

You have been imperfectly designed to perfection

As your blood circulates throughout your body it causes the stars to align

So reach for them

Memories created are embedded in the amygdala 

The negatives keep you on your toes and prepares you for the unexpected

The positives allows you to live in the moment

Footsteps as light as a feather leaving historical landmarks in the cement

Every footprint tells a story of perseverance and survival

Your heart is large and selfless, your spirit is humble and calming

You make your ancestors proud 

Heartbeats flow to the rhythm of your words

Conversations with you seemingly never ending forever replaying in the mind

Embraces within your limbs are so strong that they present the feeling of protection miles away

Piercing through wind, flowing wrists as words ferment in the palm of your hands trickling through your fingertips and striking the souls of all that it reaches

God wrote this for you

Tripping into the world of others is  no coincidence

They quietly yearn for one of your caliber 

So slip and watch how they fall in line 

Listen as the lessons you teach are recited to you

Learn as mistakes from those before you are revealed

Lay it all on the line and erase them 

No barriers can be placed on your greatness

You will always be the greatest at whatever you put your mind to

So affirm it and allow it to manifest before your very eyes

Conscious of where you come from so there is no dispute on where you’re going

You are love, you are life, you are greatness, you are royalty

You are love, you are life, you are strength and vulnerability

You are love, you are life, you are conscious chemtrails leaving spores of knowledge in the wind

You are legendary , You are a king

Strolling in confidence, dominating genes, the dominant race

The true definition of what it is to be a man

Your melanocytes formation is flawless making you candy to the eye

But what lies beneath the surface leaves others hankering 

You are mimicked but never duplicated

You are love, you are life,  you are the BLACKPRINT

Original poem from Evoke

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