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Peace and Blessings, 

Welcome to my website

I am Latifah B., a South Philadelphia native, Entrepreneur and  the author of Evoke

Thank you for taking the time to purchase and share this journey with me.

Growing up I was an avid reader.  I always had a fascination with reading and writing.  It was something about being able to sit in a corner and be able to transition into another world simply by reading words on a paper.  I remember when my father introduced me to Iceberg Slim, 'Momma Black Widow' quickly became my favorite book.  I sat in my bedroom tucked in a corner clutching that gold covered book as if it was the last book on earth.  That's when I learned the power in words and the art of storytelling.  I would send my friends and family poems, and short stories or  what they called “good reads.”

My journey to this project was an emotional one.  Life isn't always pretty but I live it beautifully and if that meant spending countless hours and allowing my pen to cry away then it was all worth it!  Nights when I became so drained that I wanted to just throw it all away and quit I would tell myself get up and write even when you don't feel like it, someone needs this story more than you. So I wrote and evoked every emotion imaginable remembering that I no longer owned the words once they hit the paper and that they now belonged to the world.  They belonged to the male or female that needed to sit in that corner and journey into the great escape through my words.

So I invite you all to strap in, follow along with me on the journey and enjoy the ride! 


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