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Peace and Blessings, 

Welcome to my website

I am Latifah B., a native of the vibrant South Philadelphia, a visionary entrepreneur, and the wordsmith behind the pages of Evoke, Through These Scars and Grief Ain’t For The Weak. It brings me immense joy to share this journey with you, and I am grateful for your support.

As a young girl, I was bewitched by the magic of books. Their pages held the power to transport me to other worlds, to unravel tales spun of dreams and nightmares. I still recall the moment my father introduced me to Iceberg Slim's 'Momma Black Widow,' and how I was instantly captivated by the art of storytelling. It was then that I discovered the enchanting allure of words, the way they could shape our emotions and warp our realities. I began writing poems and short stories, eager to share my own tales of adventure and intrigue.

The road that led me to this project was a winding one, fraught with challenges and unexpected twists. But I persevered, driven by a deep desire to share my story with the world, to offer a glimpse into the tapestry of my life. Even when the nights grew long and weariness set in, I clung to my pen, knowing that someone out there needed to hear my words, to feel the emotions I poured onto the page.

So I wrote, pouring my heart and soul into every line, evoking every possible emotion, and weaving a tapestry of words that now belongs to the world. It is my hope that these words will find their way into the hearts of those who need them, those who seek refuge in the pages of a book, those who long to escape into another world.

And so, my dear reader, I invite you to join me on this journey, to fasten your seatbelts, and to let the words carry you away. Together, we shall embark on a voyage of the soul, a journey that will take us to the farthest reaches of our healing, and destiny.  Welcome aboard!

Latifah B.

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